Funeral Flowers

Delicate expressions at a difficult time

Buying funeral flowers can play a small role in healing, both for you and others who are grieving. Funeral flowers can symbolize hope or they can be a tribute to the one who has passed on.

Often while searching for funeral flowers, you'll find that the florist has ready-made funeral sprays and funeral arrangements available. However, there may be some special considerations that go with the particular funeral you are buying for.

Some Things to Think About

Pre-made funeral arrangements can be convenient, and in general they follow the look of a traditional funeral. However, if this is not the best choice for you or your loved ones, there are several things you should consider when choosing an arrangement:

  1. What is the family like? If the family is generally reserved or frugal-minded, ostentatious funeral sprays or floral arrangements might be tacky or tasteless. If the family is untraditional or creative, typical funeral arrangements may not appear sincere. Funerals are for the living, so consider the bereaved and how they might react to the arrangement.

  2. What kind of flower arrangements would truly honor the deceased? If the deceased was frugal-minded or sensible, you might want to match his or her personality with a small traditional arrangement. Conversely, if he or she was more brash or outspoken, why not keep their spirit alive with a colorful funeral spray? You may even reservedly personalize the flowers in honor of the deceased. If religious or patriotic sentiments are appropriate, honor the deceased likewise. There aren't any rules for colors or types when it comes to funeral flowers, so perhaps you'll want to include the decedent's favorites.

  3. Keep the setting in mind . Large casket sprays are suitable for a wake or viewing, but buy these only if you are sure they will be welcome. Subdued arrangements are suitable for most religious ceremonies, but for some ceremonies, flowers may not be appropriate at all. Be sure to always keep funeral flower etiquette in the back of your mind. Deliveries to someone's home may also be a tasteful option.

  4. Be true to your own feelings . How did you feel about the departed? What kind of flowers or flower arrangement best expresses your own relationship with the deceased?

  5. Different flowers have specific symbolic meanings and can be used to express the way you feel:
    Blue periwinkle means friendship
    A red chrysanthemum says 'I love you'
    A daffodil symbolizes regard
    Forget-me-nots are a sign of true love and remembrance
    A lilac is for first love
    Red roses are for passion
    Red and white roses together symbolize unity

Whatever choice you make, you can rely on funeral flowers to elegantly express your sympathy and grief.

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