Burial and Interment

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Burial and interment can be a costly aspect of funeral planning. Ideally, burial or interment arrangements will be made ahead of time with a pre-planned funeral. Burial in a cemetery is still the most popular method of interment in the US , even though it's probably the most expensive.

Other Options

Aside from burial, there are several other methods of interment that may prove less expensive. Alternatives to burial may also be more appropriate; be sure to consider the personality of the deceased before you decide what to do. Burial alternative options include:

  1. Cremation can cost as little as $800 US. Because it is usually significantly cheaper than other forms of interment, it's quickly becoming a common option. However, you have to be aware of religious regulations if you're considering cremation, because some religions don't allow the practice.

  2. Burial at sea is very expensive and challenging, unless it's for a veteran. However, for those attempting to honor the deceased with a personalized funeral, this may be a viable option. (The cost is also significantly less if you're scattering cremated ashes.)

  3. Interment in a mausoleum or family tomb is also a significantly expensive alternative. Entombment used to be more common than it is today, but people have voiced concerns as to how this affects the decomposition of the body.

  4. Interment through a green burial (sometimes called direct burial) is cheaper than a traditional burial, though there are a limited number of places where it can be done.

  5. Interment in an alternative memorial can vary on availability, depending on where you are located. Some forms of green burial can also be very expensive. It's particularly important to check local laws to see what's allowed in terms of green burials.

  6. Body donation is growing in popularity in the US . While this might not be the best choice for some people due to familial and religious beliefs or the feelings of the deceased on the subject, it's a great way for death to become a continuation of life.

There are a number of important aspects to consider while you're funeral planning, especially concerning burial containers.

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