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While most people will choose to use caskets for their funeral or the funeral of a loved one, you'll find that caskets are one of the largest expenses involved in these events. Caskets have been found to have a markup of up to 1600 percent, which is eight times the manufacturer's cost! This markup is especially true for name-brand models.

While members of the funeral industry offer the invaluable service of handling a situation most of us would prefer to avoid, it's important to remember that they are a profit-based business and they'll typically try to sell you an expensive casket. The FTC Funeral Rule states that prices have to be laid out openly for consumers. From an honest and reliable funeral home you can expect to see a broad range of available prices for caskets. You should also be able to bring in your own casket should you have made your own, rented or purchase one online.

If you want something affordable, insist on a model in your price range. You also have the option of shopping around. Provisions of the Funeral Rule state that a funeral home must allow the use of a casket purchased elsewhere.

The funeral home must also tell you the price of their most affordable casket. Don't let them badger you into buying an expensive casket by telling you their low priced caskets are 'for the poor or indigent' or that the amount you spend on a casket reflects how much you cared for or respected the deceased. This is a tactic employed routinely in the industry, because it can easily sway someone under stress.

Casket Liners

No casket will protect the deceased, and The Funeral Rule forbids funeral homes from promoting protective seals as a means of preserving the body in any manner. Many industry insiders warn that protective sealers are one of the biggest scams in the funeral industry. Former industry member Darryl Roberts says, "In truth, sealer caskets have a detrimental effect on natural deterioration and may in fact speed up the process." Another website calls these seals "the most frequent, most lucrative, most cruelly deceptive tactic" in the funeral industry. You don't need a sealer casket to respectfully honor a loved one.

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