Custom Caskets

Personalizing the burial

Caskets can be one of the most expensive parts of planning a funeral, so (if you're a handy person) you may want to consider purchasing some casket plans and making your own casket. Choosing this option or purchasing a custom casket can both be great ways of personalizing a funeral or even playfully memorializing the dead in a unique way.

If you're pre-planning a funeral you'll have more options for customizing your casket. If you end up purchasing a casket at the time of a loved one's passing, you might be more susceptible to the sales techniques of some funeral homes, who'll lead you towards the most expensive option. What most people don't know is there's a large amount of choice available when it comes to caskets, and you should always feel free to fully investigate the options.

Personalized Memorials

A casket can be customized in a number of ways. Some of the more modest custom caskets available have art prints posted inside the lid. Other customizing details include:

  1. Colored linings

  2. Engravings

  3. Custom handles

  4. Picture displays

Custom caskets are available from a number of companies. They'll honor the wishes of the deceased or of family members by building a casket that's custom-sized or customized in any way that's desired.

You can purchase original oversized caskets, made to order caskets, or even themed and novelty models. The kinds of companies that provide these options are probably easier to find on the internet, rather than searching locally. The internet is a great resource for anyone planning a funeral - even if you only use it to get ideas and find price ranges.

Themed or Novelty caskets

Custom caskets can be modest or outlandish, depending on the personality of the deceased. If you're looking for something completely original, caskets can be shaped as anything you might want. Some might consider this tacky, but there are those who like to poke fun at death or show one last time a reflection of the personality of the deceased. Caskets can be shaped as:

  1. Cars, for the racing enthusiast

  2. Hammers and other work tools, for a carpenter or other tradesman

  3. A surfboard, for the avid surfer

  4. Various animals

  5. The colors of your favorite sports team

You might also want to make your own casket for a completely unique memorial.

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