Ceramic Urns

Delicate elegance

Ceramics refers to any clay that has been specially prepared and hardened. Ceramic urns can easily be shaped into original or traditional cremation urn shapes. Today, ceramics includes materials other than clay, such as some plastics and other synthetic materials. Ceramics make for beautiful decorations but they're well-known for their fragility. You need to carefully consider presentation before you select a material as delicate as ceramics.

Ceramic urns can be hand-painted or even homemade, to give someone's cremated remains a personalized resting place or to add beauty to a room or garden. Someone pre-planning a funeral may even wish to make their own urn to ensure that they're happy with the presentation. A ceramic urn is a versatile and creative piece that can be seen as a work of art, customized to match the personality and wishes of the deceased.

Ceramics come in two basic forms:

  1. Production cast urns are mass-produced, usually by machine. This makes them more affordable, but also less valuable. You can buy a very basic production cast urn and personalize it yourself, to make it more unique.

  2. Handmade ceramic urns may be produced by a professional potter, or simply by anyone with an interest in making their own pottery. They can be decorated by hand and glazed to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Purchasing a handmade urn from an artist may be expensive, but if you're looking for a professional, custom piece of work to use as a memorial for your loved one, the price may be well worth it.

Porcelain Urns

Porcelain is a highly valued, durable and attractive ceramic, perfect for placement on display or in a columbarium. It's a material commonly used for urns, and can be used to make a variety of presentations, from formal to unique.

Porcelain is made of a hard paste of clay and feldspar, fired in a high-temperature oven. It's characterized by a delicate whiteness and translucence. Porcelain is sometimes called china because it was first made in China .

Because porcelain is so highly valued, urns made from it can be expensive - beginning at several hundreds of dollars and ranging up to $1500 or more. Ceramic and porcelain urns are ideal for indoor and outdoor display. Excluding the risk of breakage from a fall, porcelain is actually a very durable material.

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