Display Urns

Keeping your memories in the forefront

Like gravesites, urns serve as a place of memorial - a special resting place for the cremated remains of a loved one. Many people purchase urns for display in their homes and set them on a fireplace mantel or on a bookshelf. Death can be an uncomfortable topic for some, and the idea of keeping human remains in the home is even more so; but for others, display urns are the perfect way to keep the memory of loved ones close at hand.

Overall, display urns tend to be understated, however in appropriate circumstances, they can also be extremely ornate. The great thing about display urns is that they can be made incredibly personal. They can be worked into picture frames, or can be engraved or painted with pictures and messages. They may also be used as a keepsake box with a special section for the ashes and other compartments that will hold pictures or other mementos.

Some of the materials that might be used for a display urn are silver, copper or bronze as well as elegantly designed marble, glass or ceramic. Wood is also becoming a popular material for display urns.


The presentation of a display urn will depend on both the deceased and their loved ones. If a funeral is pre-planned, the deceased may have chosen their own urn. If the choice is left up to loved ones, the display could depend on what type of memorial they're trying to create, and where the urn will ultimately be located.

One of the more unique designs for an indoor display urn is a book urn. Gold or silver-plated, it sits on a bookshelf or other display area, and fits right in with the surroundings. This is typical of the understatement generally associated with indoor display urns.

An urn is an expression of a life lived, and also a way to keep memories fresh. If there was something particular about the decedent's personality, a display urn can reflect that. There are a number of creative and unusual display cremation urns:

  1. Coin displays

  2. Clocks

  3. Medals / awards displays

  4. Flag displays

  5. Fountains
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