Garden Urns

An outdoor memorial

Decorative urns for display in the garden or yard are an appealing option for someone looking to memorialize a loved one who enjoyed nature. Some people will display garden urns as part of their landscape, even if they don't act as a memorial. These are often made of durable materials that won't corrode when exposed to the elements. Marble and porcelain are the most popular choice of materials.

Cast bronze and even copper will corrode, but some find the weathered look appealing. You can make the urn appear old or even antique if you allow materials that are affected by weather to remain outdoors. If you like this type of look, you can also buy fiberglass urns containing metal shavings that will rust over time, to change the look and color of the urn. These will look like they're bronze, copper or lead, but will last a lot longer.

The Garden Look

Garden urns come in a number of sizes, shapes and forms. You can opt for the traditional look of a large vase shaped urn, or you can get creative with fountains, orbs or planters. If you have a pond, ashes can be sealed into a floating pond ornament or display. Some garden urns are designed to look like a regular garden or lawn ornament, and only you and a few friends and family members might know the real secret of who lies within. It can be a fitting way to remember someone who loved gardening or the outdoors.

Garden urns come in a range of prices. The amount you spend will depend on the size and material you choose. You'll want to look into the durability of the material you've selected to ensure that you're able to display your urn for a long time to come. You can also get garden urns in multiples, in case more than one family member or friend wants to display a memorial at their home.

Displaying an urn in a garden can be seen as a pleasant metaphor for death, as many feel it is a time of transformation. The cremated remains of a loved one can be placed in a natural setting, to symbolize a return to the earth.

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