Glass Urns

A fitting symbol of the fragility of life

A cremation urn is meant to stand as a memorial to a life lived. Glass urns are a creative and personalized option to memorialize your loved one.

Glass is hand-blown by artisans. If you've ever seen a glass artisan at work, you'll realize how many unique urn designs are possible with this material. A glass urn is beautiful, and at the same time captures the theme of the fragility of life. Unlike stone or metal urns, a glass urn is quite delicate. It offers less display options because you have to be careful where you put it, but it does make a beautiful and meaningful memorial for a deceased loved one.

Glass can be custom-made to whatever form you wish. You can select the shape, color and size that best suit the memorial you're trying to create. You can have a globe-shaped glass urn, for example, or something more oblong. It can be made thicker to be more durable, or as delicate as you would like. The size is also variable, and you can have anything from a tiny case to a large vase made.

You can typically order a glass urn locally, or you could find sites on the internet that allow you to order a custom-made urn.

A Personalized Memorial

In terms of color options, glass is one of the more versatile materials for urns. The shade of the glass can be changed through the simple addition of chemical elements. For example, cobalt creates a beautiful blue, uranium and chromium create various shades of green and iron creates a reddish-blue color.

Glass can be clear, translucent (cloudy) or opaque (solid). If you use your imagination, there is no end to the different urn styles that could be created. For example, glass can be formed into lamps and other household items that could double as urns.

Other embellishments can also be added to your glass urn, if you desire. Some urns will be made with gold accents or will be tinted with enamel. Each glass cremation urn will be unique, which allows you to truly create a personal memorial to the deceased.

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