Wood Urns

A warm memorial

Wood urns are quickly becoming one of the most popular means of memorializing a loved one who has opted for cremation. A wood urn has a soft and personal appeal that you may not feel with other materials. Wood tends to be viewed as warm and natural, so it lends a truly comfortable atmosphere to your memorial. It may also be a fitting choice for nature lovers.

Wood it is a very versatile material, in that it functions well with other materials. For example, you can hybridize wood with inlaid brass or other types of metal, making your urn truly unique. You can even get creative with the ways in which you adorn a wood urn, by incorporating personal artifacts into the design.

Wood urns are easily personalized with engraving or burning. You could even include a picture of the deceased engraved right into the wood for creative presentation. It's also quite common for verses or quotes to be engraved into wood. The look of engraved wood is completely different from that of metal or stone, since the engraving changes the color of the wood. This is a small detail that sets wood apart from other materials.

You can purchase handcrafted wooden urns if you so choose, but it's also possible to make your own. You can look around the internet to find ideas for wood urns or to purchase one.

Wood urns used for display have character and beauty; used for burial, they're biodegradable and natural. This makes them great memorials for someone who cared for the environment, or simply for someone who appreciated natural beauty.


Wood urns can be made from hardwood or softwood. Some of the most popular forms of wood urns are maple, mahogany, rosewood, oak and cherry. Each of these types of wood has its own sense of character. For example, maple wood is light and clean, while cherry has a deep red grain that some find warm and appealing. You can stain or finish a wooden urn as you please, to give it the desired tone.

Wood urns can be square boxes or they can be hand-carved into one of many unique designs. They can be incorporated into a picture frame, custom-made to match décor, hand-carved or inlaid with precious metals, stones or mosaics.

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