Online Wills

Make a will with web tools

Preparing a will online has all the advantages of preparing your taxes online: it's simpler, more private, faster and cheaper than using a professional preparer.

Making a simple will is definitely advantageous. If you have a larger, more complex estate, you will likely be better off going through a licensed attorney.

Most online will preparation services provide a simple, easy-to-use interface that will guide users through the process.

If you feel uncomfortable with the process, you can have your will reviewed by a lawyer. It will be simpler and cheaper than sitting down with a lawyer to write out your will. If a lawyer is unwilling to look over your will for a simple fee-simply to check its legality-you can shop around to find one who will do so. However, you can be confident that your will is legal as long as it is all written in the same format (e.g. online), it is witnessed by at least two objective witnesses and you are of sound mind and body.

The following are some reasons you may want to consult a lawyer:

  1. To remove all doubt concerning the legality of your will documents.

  2. To develop a trust or living trust.

  3. To help probate the Last Will & Testament of a loved one who has died.

  4. To certainly minimize all estate taxes.

  5. To address specific state and local probate and tax laws.

  6. To arrange an attorney to serve as Executor or Guardian of the Estate.

  7. To address complex issues related to prior marriages or other relationships.

  8. To keep all family business and personal assets intact and whole.

For many people, an online will is a good way to establish the security of their estate, to simplify the legal process, to name who gets their assets, to protect the family home and business and to name a legal guardian for children.

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