Spiritual reassurance

Angels are commonly found in a number of different types of memorial gifts. They can be either religious or secular this will usually depend on how the person who receives it views it - and are typically associated with the continued presence and protection of the spirit of the one who has passed away.

Angel Gifts

Angels can be found in a number of memorial gifts. They're commonly given as figurines or even stuffed toys, and can be found imprinted on plaques, poems and in pictures.

An angel figurine is a particularly appropriate gift for a person who has lost someone very close to them, such as a parent or child. It'll symbolize that there's someone watching over them in this time of need. Most figurines will come with engravings or epitaphs that will help you voice your support. Some common sayings include:

  1. "You will always have an angel to watch over you"

  2. "Those we have held in our arms for a little while will be held in our hearts forever"

  3. "Those we love don't go away but walk beside us forever"

Unique Gifts

Angels aren't only given as figurines. You can also find them incorporated into a number of unique gifts. You may find angels in:

  1. Jewelry

  2. Stuffed toys

  3. Stationary

  4. Throw rugs

  5. Tissues

  6. Plaques

  7. Keepsake boxes

Types of Angels

Angels also come in a variety of different forms. There is the traditional religious angel that usually features wide-spread wings meant to encompass all who need care. These angels tend to have halos and a lot of flowing details, such as long gowns and hair. The faces are serene and quiet. There's also a definite type of coloring to religious angels. They're meant to symbolize ever lasting life and goodness so they tend to be made in light colors like pastels, and are embellished with gold trim or features.

The more secular variety of angels have a wider range of appearance. There may be special details added like real feather wings or handmade clothing. The faces of these angels tend to be more animated as well. Secular angels may be stuffed toys with button eyes and stitched mouths. They make a great memorial gift for a younger child who may not understand the symbolism surrounding angels, but would benefit from having a toy to hold on to.

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