A symbol of remembrance

When choosing a memorial gift you might want to rely on tradition. The person you're buying for will understand the meaning behind the gift and appreciate the comfort of the familiar. Rosemary is commonly recognized as a symbol of remembrance - even Shakespeare noted its emblematic qualities in Hamlet . Sprigs of rosemary were used in ancient times, laid at gravesites to demonstrate loyalty. It can be used to mark an event or a person, and is a creative yet traditional way to shape a memorial gift.

Rosemary Gifts

There are a variety of gifts available that incorporate rosemary and elements of its color and scent as a theme. The simplest is to offer dried rosemary in a delicate packet that can be sprinkled at places of remembrance. Particularly when the decedent has been buried, the scattering of rosemary allows the bereaved to physically spread their memories in important places. Some people will opt to scatter a portion while keeping some rosemary to be worked into another memorial. Like worry stones or memorial jewelry, dried rosemary can be kept as a keepsake.

Rosemary can also be worked into a number of different and unique gifts. As a fragrant herb, it can be included in a sachet to be kept with mementoes of the deceased in order to keep things smelling fresh. Scented candles also come in rosemary varieties. The color and shape of the small blue rosemary flowers that bloom through spring and summer are also incorporated into gifts such as tissues, blankets or teddy bears - a small teddy bear holding a dried or artificial sprig of rosemary makes a great sentimental gift for a child.

A Sign of Sympathy

Rosemary's well-known symbolic qualities make it a great offering of support and sympathy. A memorial gift that includes rosemary will let the bereaved know that their loved one will always be remembered by those left behind.

Incorporating Rosemary into a Gift
Rosemary represents remembrance, and as such makes an appropriate and thoughtful addition to any memorial gift. Some ways to include rosemary in a handmade or store bought memorial gift include:

  1. Echo the color of rosemary in picture frames or scrapbook pages

  2. Use rosemary spray to scent a stuffed animal or teddy bear

  3. Include a packet of dried rosemary in a memorial gift basket
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