Unique Memorial Gifts

When traditional won't do

When you're selecting a memorial gift for a special friend or family member you may feel traditional symbols of sympathy and mourning aren't appropriate or don't say exactly what you'd like.

Different Ways to Say You Care

When you're looking for a unique memorial gift, a great place to start is online. There are a number of different memorial and / or sympathy gift shops that specialize in gifts for the bereaved - both at the time of death and throughout the difficult mourning process that follows. You'll also find different craft and gift sites where you can get unusual gifts, personalized and handmade to your exact desires.

The Perfect Gift

When the traditional or predictable just won't do, here are some ideas for unique memorial gifts:

  1. Personalized Stepping Stones: These creative pieces of art can be put in a garden or kept on a mantle or shelf. They come engraved with poetry or supportive phrases, and can be personalized with names, monograms or dates. If the deceased has been cremated or the bereaved is far away from the burial place, a stepping stone can fashion as a place of memorial where they can go to simply remember. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

  2. Memorial Rocks: Similar to personalized stepping stones, memorial rocks can be kept either outdoors or inside. You can buy faux rocks or you can use real rocks. A plaque is attached to the rock, which can offer words of support or be personalized with names, monograms or dates. The size of the rock is variable.

  3. Sun Catchers: Sun catchers in the shape of angels, stars, clouds or letters are a delicate expression of sympathy. They're meaningful because they hang in the window to catch the sunlight and send beautiful colors around the room. They're symbolic of hope and the possibility of a brighter day.

  4. Family History Plaques: For someone who has lost an important family member, a family history plaque can be a great memorial gift. It's easy to go online and have family trees, surname history or family histories compiled. They can be presented in formal frames or scrapbooks, and are a thoughtful memorial gift that can offer the bereaved a chance to reconnect with family.
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