A distinctive memorial

Sometimes, traditional grave markerS don't provide an appropriate memorial for a loved one. They're limited in their size and shape, and they have to be placed in a cemetery. Monuments are a kind of memorial that may be bestowed upon someone who has committed extraordinary public service. Monuments are generally much larger than regular grave markers; while still used as grave markers, they are also placed at other sites, such as parks or town squares.

In some cases, families will purchase a monument for someone they feel deserves special remembrance. They can be found in the form of sculptures or mausoleums, and have even been formed into walls and fountains. Monuments are usually made of granite, although other materials such as marble may also be appropriate.

Monuments provide an extraordinary means of commemorating someone special. While they're the more expensive option for a memorial, sometimes you have to have something more ostentatious to do the job. A monument is a distinct way to recognize a life lived, and mourn the loss of a loved one. Monuments can be personalized or customized in a number of different ways and selecting or designing one can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Monument Costs

If you're considering a memorial, you probably already know they will be expensive; still, you'll want to consider the different price options available to you. You need to be certain that the cost is agreeable to all involved, and you don't want to make any hasty decisions.

Monument Materials

As with grave markers, granite is the best choice of material for monuments; it combines durability with elegance. Most monuments are crafted from quarried granite, though you may find large boulders or stones that will also be suitable.

Monument Styles and Sizes

Monuments generally sit upright, but there are also flat markers, slope markers and custom monuments. If you're situating the monument in a cemetery, be sure to research and comply with their regulations concerning style and size.

Monuments can also be completely original. Sometimes a rock will act as a monument, or a small building can be erected in tribute. The great thing about a monument is there are no rules to follow, outside those of the area where you're placing it.


Color can affect the contrast and clarity of the lettering on a monument. Your choices of color will also vary, depending on the material you select.

Detailing and Artwork

The vast opportunity for original detailing and the inclusion of artwork is one of the main drawing points in purchasing a monument. Detailing and artwork allow you to personalize the monument appropriately, while giving you a completely unique product. You can also purchase special features like beveling, slopes, trim and textures to further enhance your monument.

Engravings can be added to the stone using modern, relatively inexpensive techniques.

The finish of a monument can render the stone very smooth and polished. Enhanced modern techniques can also give the monument special features such as ceramic photo inlays, bronze accents or flower holders, to create a more personalized tribute to the deceased.

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