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Pet Memorials

Remembering a beloved friend

The death of a pet can be a difficult experience, and a pet memorial might be the best way to help you get through the loss of a special friend. For many people, pets are playing an increasingly important role and may even become members of the family. After all, you can dress up your pet, take it to day care and even arrange for play groups with other pets - it's really just like having a four-legged child. This attachment, while a good thing, can also mean the death of a pet will be a complicated and sad event.

The internet has completely changed the way people recognize the passing of a pet. There are innumerable sites offering the chance to develop an online pet memorial, and also a number of organizations that will help you memorialize your pet with burials and cremation. How you memorialize your pet is truly up to you.

Some Options

If your pet has passed away, you must first deal with the disposal of the body. Cremation is the most popular method of dealing with the death of a pet, but you can also have your pet buried in a pet cemetery or you can bury it on your own private property.

After you've decided how you will handle your pet's remains, you can start thinking about how you'll put together a pet memorial. There are a lot of great ways to honor the memory of your pet - for example, if you've chosen cremation, you can buy a personalized urn engraved with your pet's name, and maybe even their picture. If your pet is buried, you can erect a memorial at the burial place. It can be as simple as a bunch of flowers, or you can make it permanent with a grave marker or plaque.

There are also a number of creative ways to pay tribute to your pet. You can make a donation to the Humane Society in your pet's name, or you can even have a star named after it.

Celebrating a Life

The loss of a pet can leave a large space in your life. The point behind a pet memorial is to recognize the effect that your pet had on your life, and to give you and your family a chance to celebrate the times that you had together.
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