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Pet Memorial Gifts

Appropriate gifts for grieving pet-owners

A pet memorial is important for someone who has lost a special friend. It can be hard to know what to say or do when someone has lost a pet, because everyone will deal with it differently. For owners who view their pets as part of the family, it will be an especially trying time.

A great way to acknowledge a pet memorial and offer support to someone who has lost a pet, is to give a gift. More and more types of gifts are becoming available, as people begin to recognize the significance of the loss of a pet:

  1. Personalized pet memorial. You can have a pet memorial professionally arranged, or prepare one yourself. Find an elegant or creative frame and fill it with pictures of the pet, mementoes, poetry and expressions. Someone who's lost a pet will be looking for ways to show their emotion; a personalized pet memorial makes a beautiful display that acknowledges the life that was lost.

  2. Sympathy packages. Another gift you can have professionally arranged or create yourself, is a sympathy package. Select a pretty box that can be used to hold keepsakes and fill it with personal pet memorials, such as pictures or memorial letters detailing all the special things about the pet. You may also want to throw in some comfort food like chicken soup mix or tea bags.

  3. Remembrance box. You can have a beloved pet's image engraved onto a number of different materials including bronze and glass. These engravings make a beautiful adornment to a keepsake box.

  4. Sketches. A professional artist can put together a sketch of any pet based on pictures. If you're artistically inclined you could even make a sketch on your own. Pick out a pretty frame and perhaps have it engraved with the pet's name and an expression of sympathy.

  5. Tribute garden kit. Put together a kit that will help your friend honor their pet in a memorial garden. Include a personalized memorial garden stone, some flower seeds and all the tools you need to plant them. As an added gift, show your support and help them arrange the pet memorial garden.
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