Remembering a Pet

Memorializing a special friend

As pets are more frequently considered part of the family, the pet memorial industry is expanding to include a variety of creative ways to remember your furry friend. The most common way to memorialize a pet is to put a marker at the place of burial or purchase a cremation urn that allows you to keep your pet's remains in a special place. However, you may want a different type of pet memorial or you may want something that can be shared more easily with others.

Some of the most popular ways to remember your pet include:

  1. Memorial stones. While these may be used as grave markers, memorial stones can also be kept in a garden or home. The stones will usually have the pet's name and date of birth and death engraved on them. They may also contain a special epitaph or expression that the owner feels best memorializes the pet.

  2. Memory bracelets. Jewelry is a common form of memorial. Pet memory bracelets can be made with pictures of the pet or with engravings. They're most commonly seen as charm bracelets and may allow you to memorialize more than one pet at a time. You can get them in a variety of materials and sizes, so they're truly a customizable pet memorial.

  3. Online memorials. There are innumerable online communities that allow you to post memorials to your pet. You can usually do this yourself, and you can be as creative as you like. You can include pictures, stories and sayings that describe your pet and the relationship you shared. You may also choose to create a website dedicated to your pet, although you'll probably find a source of support and friendship if you join a community.

  4. Memorial plaques. Like memorial stones, memorial plaques can be used as grave markers or kept in the home or garden. Most plaques will be made of a durable metal, such as bronze, and will feature pictures and engravings memorializing your pet.

  5. Star registry. You can contact a number of online organizations who will name a star after your beloved friend. You'll receive a certificate and a star map detailing where your pet's star is. This is a great way to remember pets because you can always look up at the sky and see their stars.

  6. Make a donation. There are a number of pet and animal charities and non-profit organizations that you can donate to in the name of your pet. You can contact your local Humane Society or animal shelter, or you can donate to organizations that research pet illness or protect animals in danger. Go online to find the appropriate organization for your needs. You'll usually receive a certificate in recognition of the donation, or your pet memorial will be listed in a catalog.
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